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7 Free Social Media Scheduler

When it comes to a free social media scheduler. It’s the nature of the beast when you’re trying to build a brand online. And when it comes to social media posting, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of having a dozen tabs open in your browser at once. Having several tabs open in your browser can make it hard to manage your time. What’s more, some research suggests overexposure to social media can lead to mental health issues. Neglecting social media in your marketing strategy would be a massive mistake with this kind of engagement. But it can be overwhelming to juggle multiple social media posts at once. So, why not let a free social media scheduler do the hard work for you? We’ll share the top seven free social media schedulers that will help you streamline your posting schedule.

The Best 7 Free Social Media Scheduler

1. Hootsuite

hootsuite free plan review

Hootsuite has long been the market leader in social media account management. Hootsuite allows you to run Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising campaigns, as well as post and plan social media content, communicate with followers, and produce content.

Because of all of these features, Hootsuite is a flexible social media management platform that is used by both large newspapers and small bloggers.

Hootsuite’s free social media management package includes the following features:

  • One user.
  • Two social accounts
  • A total of five posts can be scheduled in advance.

Hootsuite’s free account is sufficient if you simply want to automate one post per week to a specified channel.

The Professional option, which costs $49 a month, includes unlimited scheduling, 10 social profiles, and follower messaging. Hootsuite offers a thirty-day free trial to determine whether it’s what you’re searching for in a social media planner.

2. Buffer

buffer free trial

Buffer, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, is a market-leading social media management tool. Instead of login into each individual site, you may use Buffer, like Hootsuite and Later, to communicate with your followers and respond to comments.

Buffer’s post scheduler, like many other popular social media management tools, is organized like a calendar. Buffer allows you to manage all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard, where you can write and schedule posts.

The following features are included in Buffer’s free plan:

  • Three major social media sites exist.
  • There are 10 scheduled upgrades for each channel.
  • One user.

Buffer’s free edition cannot be used to research hashtags, publish Instagram stories, or post to Pinterest. Instagram stories and hashtags aren’t as diverse as they once were. If you want to get the most out of Pinterest, Tailwind, the most popular scheduling service, is the best pick above any free social media scheduler. Tailwind offers more options and is simpler to use.

Buffer costs $15 per month and includes support for the Pinterest social media platform as well as the capacity to prepare 100 articles. The entire Buffer software suite costs $65 per month, making it one of the more costly options.

While Hootsuite does not provide significant scheduling space for free users, and Later offers the same scheduling capacity as Buffer but is more flexible in terms of channels, Buffer is a decent medium ground between the two alternatives.

3. Later

later free plan review

If you’re looking for a free social media planner that can also help you come up with new post ideas, go no further than Later.

Afterward’ visual planning features assist you in creating content maps and post schedules, both of which can be saved and shared afterward. Drag and drop information into a calendar to construct a publication schedule, then save the results. You may publish at a time that works best for your schedule by using the hashtags provided by Later. Later has you covered even if you run out of content ideas. Search for certain accounts or hashtags to locate material to reshare on Instagram. You can also use Later to integrate photos from Unsplash into your text-based posts, which improves their visual appeal.

In terms of cost, Late’s free plan provides the following features:

  • a bunch of pals (includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)
  • Each social media profile is limited to thirty planned postings.
  • One user.

Using Later, you can also add a Linkin. bio button to your Instagram profile. When a user clicks on the button, a landing page with your links displays. If you’re selling something on your site, this tool can help you make more money from Instagram followers.

You may upgrade to a premium plan for as low as $15 per month if you want greater scheduling freedom. If you want unlimited scheduling, you’ll have to pay $40 each month.

The free version of Later does not include hashtag or publishing time recommendations. If you have 30 posts to cover a week’s worth of material, you can utilize Later to save time and just update your content calendar once a week.

4. TweetDeck

tweetdeck free

You should use a platform like TweetDeck if you want to use Twitter to increase traffic to your site and network with other bloggers.

As the name implies, this free social media planner only works with Twitter. To put it simply, TweetDeck is a Twitter dashboard that gives you access to your inbox, alerts, and a dedicated tab for hot topics.

You may further customize your homepage by selecting one of the following options:

  • Information lists and compilations
  • Count of “Likes”
  • Completely new members
  • Here you may check direct messages and mentions from your Twitter accounts.
  • Finally, TweetDeck allows you to plan and publish Tweets directly from the software.

TweetDeck is a fantastic tool since it consolidates everything in one place. When composing posts, you may spice them up by utilizing popular hashtags, chatting with newer followers, or commenting on recent company developments.

TweetDeck is a wonderful solution for folks who often use Twitter and are looking for a scheduling tool because it is free.

5. Socialoomph

socialoomph pricing

Because of their limited scheduling capability, the vast majority of free social media scheduling software will ultimately need you to pay.

Socialoomph, on the other hand, is one of the few scheduling apps that offers limitless publication as part of free membership, making it a worthy competitor. The following benefits are available to free users:

  • There is just one online persona.
  • Updates can be made at any time.
  • The fundamentals of publishing and preserving financial records (so no fancy RSS imports, just basic social posting)

Furthermore, you are restricted to three submissions every hour on the site. If you just use one social networking site, you may produce a massive backlog of material, automate it, and then entirely ignore it using Socialoomph.

The absence of Instagram support is a significant oversight. Integrations with community-based websites like Reddit, Discord, and Mastodon may be useful if you’re the administrator of a group and want to consistently post information for the members of that group.

Socialoomph is an economical solution for people who want to optimize their social media presence, with a monthly membership of $25 for 10 social media profiles, 60 posts per hour, and more in-depth posting choices such as RSS feeds.

Before investing in Socialoomph, I’m going to try SocialBee or a paid subscription to Hootsuite or Later. If you simply want to use one social network, Socialoomph is one of the finest free social media schedulers.

6. Creator Studio

creator studio login

When it comes to free social media updates, remaining on the platform is sometimes the best option.

The Creator Studio on Facebook is an excellent illustration of this concept in action. You may use free content management tools to produce and schedule material for social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The post-drafting process in Creator Studio is identical to that of publishing on your Facebook or Instagram page, with the exception that you may schedule them. Creator Studio, like many other social media marketing tools, allows you to monitor and reply to your followers’ recent comments directly from the app.

And, as is common on Facebook, the most important thing to focus on is data. You may monitor a number of metrics using Creator Studio, including:

  • Total minutes viewed for videos
  • Follower growth
  • Total engagement
  • Audience demographics

Video material is clearly prioritized throughout Creator Studio. Your videos have the potential to produce money if they are at least three minutes long and contain adverts. You may also make videos for IGTV and schedule them for later viewing. Instagram stories will also be supported in the near future.

When it comes to creating large volumes of planned content, tools like Later and Buffer are more efficient. However, if you want to eliminate third-party technology and focus just on video, I recommend staying with Creator Studio.

7. Post Planner

post planner reviews

Free social media scheduling tools either limit the amount of time you can spend planning or the number of social networks to which you may join. Most bloggers will need to subscribe to a premium scheduling service at some time in order to make use of this.

However, Post Planner is the greatest solution for saving the most money.

The $4-per-month Starter Plan includes everything you need to get started:

  • Three social media profiles may be found here (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter)
  • The goal is to have 300 posts.
  • Each of your social media accounts should have one post every day.
  • One user.

Because Post Planner allows you to republish evergreen material, you won’t have to postpone your articles as regularly. With more expensive services, automated resharing of relevant information from other social media sites keeps your feeds more active.

If you’re a blogger who often publishes on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, this $48-per-year membership is for you. The only disadvantage is that you must pay the complete year’s membership dues in advance.


How Can I Subscribe To The Free Social Media Scheduler?

You can acquire the free scheduler by signing up for Social Champ and then going into the billing choices, or you may sign up and then go into the billing settings. Please keep in mind that both of these options are accessible.

How Many Social Media Networks Are Available In The Free Plan?

The free plan of Social Champ allows you to integrate all social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Google Business Profile and the aforementioned social media sites are two more platforms in this category.

Does Free Plan Have The ‘team Management’ Feature?

The Free Plan may only be used by one person and does not contain any team add-ons.

Does The Free Social Media Scheduler Subscription Have An End Date?

No! Your membership will be valid until you change to a new price plan.


If you’re looking for a free social media scheduler, we hope this list will help you decide which of these apps is best for your needs. And if you need some extra inspiration for your marketing strategy, check out these eight ways to leverage your time and attention to grow your social media presence.

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